Facts About Trainee Visa

Trainee visa programs are designed to allow foreign individuals with degrees or professionals to come to the United States. These foreign individuals with degrees or professionals enter the United States to study the culture and to receive training in US business practices. The training that they do receive is usually connected to their occupational or professional field of interest.

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The requirements that a foreign national must have to get this specific visa must be the following. He or she must have either a degree or a certificate from a post-secondary foreign academic institution. He or she must also have at least one year of existing experience in their chosen work field. The work field experience can be outside of the United States. Also, he or she can have about five years of valid work experience in the particular occupational field, which they are seeking training in as a rule, and this work experience can also be outside of the United States.

In order to take part in one of these US trainee visa programs. Those who do wish to participate must first locate themselves a designated sponsor. There is a designated sponsor’s organization list and the sponsors on this list can place a participant anywhere in the United States that he or she would like to go specifically for their training. It doesn’t matter what their official location is and individual sponsors can be consulted with for more details. This is the first step in the application process and it is the sponsor who oversees the application process. They are also the official point of contact for each individual who participates in this trainee visa program.

Sponsors are the ones who get to screen all of the participants. They are responsible for determining if each candidate is suitable and if he or she does meet the eligibility criteria personally. This eligibility criterion depends on the specific program category alone. Program categories do vary greatly one from the other and so does the eligibility criteria for each category itself. Therefore, participant may have to interview as part of the screening and selection process. Besides being the existence of specific program criteria that must be met. All participants must be tested for their English language skills and their English language skills must meet with the proficiency that is necessary and for insurance purposes.

It is the sponsors who give participants the pre-arrival information that they need before coming to the United States. Once they get to the United States, he or she is then given an orientation. It is also the responsibility of these sponsors to regularly observe the progress, as well as the welfare of each US trainee visa for the entire length of their training programs while in America.

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