The Premise of Building a Marketing Funnel

The Encyclopedia Britanica has no reference for a marketing funnel there, the concept is fairly new, but it does have similar words that call to mind several of the common phrases we hear normally in internet marketing. The word funnel is found with two different spiders, the funnel weaver and the funnel-web spider. The reference here being similar to the world wide web and the SpiderWeb 2.0 System, which are in themselves a medium and a process for developing a type of funnel to generate leads.

I otherwise found the term propositional function, defined as “Propositional functions permit the treatment of symbolic logic of propositions the truth of which is contingent upon variable components.” clickfunnels pricing plan And this is in terms of as “in logic, a statement expressed in a form that would take on a value of true or false were it not for the appearance within it of a variable x (or of several variables), which leaves the statement undetermined as long as no definite values are specified for the variables.” When I hear this term it reminds me of the Perfect Funded Proposal, where James Grandstaff and Daegan Smith discuss their different methods of generating a number of leads for the same purpose that makes the idea a unique and symbolic function.

Also found there is the term prospecting, which was coined and still means the act of searching for minerals or elements such as metals or ecologically important things. One person I know that has a background in a mining community, he grew up there and left to become an internet marketer, his name is Paul Birdsall and he must have a first hand revelation of prospecting not only from his background, but also his experiences with internet marketing success.

I have a couple of excerpts here from two references about marketing funnels and they will enlighten you as a reader to bigger and different proposals than you’ve heard of before. They work to not only stretch the imagination to accomplish our dreams, but they encourage individuality in the methods and means one uses to achieve success on the internet. This is important because we are able to do more than what has already been accomplished and the avenues that have not been tried could be dreams come true for many people.

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